Outsource payroll accounting

Let us take care of it – including with a view to labour law and social security
Outsource payroll accounting

Payroll accounting and social security for employees at home and abroad

Payroll accounting (in-house or outsourced) is of elementary importance for every employee. For the employer, once again, compliance with tax, social security and labour law standards is of special relevance. This is because employment relationships have many variations: All of them need to be mirrored and properly accounted for within the framework of compliance principles. Would you like to outsource all or part of your payroll accounting? Do you value a partner who is well versed in the ongoing processing of payroll accounting as well as in labour law and social security regulations? Then you are in good hands with us. dhpg supports you in mirroring and mapping all processes in your company simply and as digitally as possible. We ensure that everyone involved is completely satisfied.

This is what you can expect from us when you outsource your payroll accounting to us

Why dhpg?

We are your sparring partner in the area of personnel, payroll and accounting

Feel free to contact us if you would like to outsource all or part of your payroll accounting and thus place it in the hands of an experienced partner. A partner who handles human resource issues from A to Z and thus not only looks at the payroll accounting of wages, salaries and social security, but can also advise and inform you on legal issues concerning your company.


Personnel service from a single source

As a full-service partner, we are happy to assume the payroll accounting and HR services for you. Advice on tax, social security and labour law issues is a matter of course for us.


Digital and yet personal

Wherever it makes good sense and makes your life easier, we rely on digital solutions. As our client, you have access to your personal portal and your personal app. This means that your information and documents find their way securely and quickly in the mailbox of your personal advisor. Because despite all the digitalisation, personal advice is important to us.


At home in secondment issues

You would like to send your employees abroad for a certain period of time? Then you have come to the right place with your questions about tax, social security and labour law. We have been advising companies whose employees work abroad for many years.

Your contact for all questions regarding payroll accounting

Would you like to outsource your payroll accounting or do have questions regarding labour law and would like a personal meeting to obtain advice? We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you – no commitment on your part – so that we can get to know each other. We look forward to your call, your e-mail and to meeting you.

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FAQ - Questions about outsourcing payroll accounting and labour law

Can a company transfer payroll accounting data to dhpg paper-free?

Of course. Because wherever it makes good sense and makes your life easier, we rely on digital solutions for paperless collaboration. Be it payroll accounting for your employees or general accounting for your company. Together with you, we analyse which tools can best perform your tasks. These can be, for example, helpful DATEV programmes such as the digital personnel file, Employee Online and Personnel Evaluations Online, which offer the advantages of a common platform and data basis with secure data exchange via the DATEV computer centre. Or the use of a comprehensive HR system in the cloud, in which all HR processes are mapped on one platform and your internal HR processes are streamlined. You can rest assured: Your personal advisor will ensure efficient and high-quality payroll accounting at all times. Because despite all digitalisation, personal advice is and remains the most of paramount importance to us.

Buzzword "digital payroll": How are interfaces to different systems in payroll accounting operated?

We offer a variety of interface solutions for data exchange with our payroll accounting programme – from the modern REST API via the DATEV data centre to the tried and tested file format. Which data you want to import or export and which conditions apply differ depending on the programme. We support you in setting up the optimal interface as a data hub for your master and transaction data in order to make the processes as efficient as possible in our collaboration.

How can dhpg provide support during a tax audit in the area of wages and social security?

From time to time, your company may be subject to a tax audit that includes payroll accounting and social security. A payroll tax audit can have legitimate reasons. In many cases, however, it is also carried out routinely by the tax authorities if the company has not been audited for a long time.
Within the framework of the wage tax audit, the auditor looks closely at all costs and every payroll, including gross wages, remuneration in kind, travel expense reimbursements and anniversary bonuses. To this end, it is necessary to provide the auditor with material, wage and salary accounts from the accounting department. We will of course be happy to assist you with the preparation of these data within the framework of the accounting outsourced to us. The surest way to avoid anomalies in a payroll audit is to use a tax compliance management system. With the help of this internal control system (ICP), you are always on the safe side when it comes to meeting the requirements of the tax authorities – including in the area of payroll accounting.

How can dhpg support us in our search for new employees?

The search for new employees ties up a lot of resources in personnel administration and is associated with a lot of time and costs. The outsourcing of sub-areas can be a relief for your team: from onboarding of employees to digital contract management, digital recording of travel expenses, absences and times all the way to optimisation of remuneration with attractive benefits to increase the satisfaction of your employees. We put your HR processes on a digital footing and assume the sub-areas you want to outsource. This also includes ongoing advice on labour law in many day-to-day issues as well as the preparation of standardised employment contracts and references.

I would like to send employees abroad – what do I have to consider in terms of social security?

Are your employees deployed all over the world? It is obvious that they do not want to do without their accustomed insurance cover for their time abroad. Health, long-term care, pension, unemployment and accident insurance are all part of the social security system in Germany. In principle, German social security law can only apply in Germany. Under certain conditions, however, your employees can "pack" this in their suitcase and take it along with them abroad. The relevant applications must be submitted in good time.
As an employer, you need to clarify the following points:

  • To which country will the employee be sent?
  • How long will the assignment abroad last? Remember to submit the relevant application in advance.
  • What is the employee's nationality?
  • Where is the place of employment abroad?
  • Has she or he worked abroad before?

Germany has concluded corresponding agreements within the EU and some other non-EU countries. We support you in all questions relating to secondment, check the requirements applying to you and clarify these with the individual authorities so that your employees can "pack their suitcases" with everything they need for the secondment with peace of mind. So you and your team can be sure that everything will run smoothly.

Outsource payroll accounting

Payroll accounting, salary accounting and social security – this is all particularly challenging because these areas are very much part of a company audit and the exact and timely payment of employees simply has to work. dhpg offers everything from a single source – competently and always on time. In addition, we offer our clients all-round support with information on related topics, such as employee data protection. Our goal? To relieve you and save you time, money and energy wherever possible. Just get in touch with us.


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