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Let's get to know each other

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As one of the leading medium-sized consulting firms in Germany, we support our clients at 17 locations with over 900 staff members. We understand companies because we are businesspersons ourselves. As an owner-managed, dyed-in-the-wool medium-sized consulting firm, executive consulting by one of dhpg's more than 85 partners is something we take for granted.

Our expertise is of particular value when not only different specialist disciplines are involved, but above all when they interact. Our work is not multi-disciplinary, but rather interdisciplinary: our auditors, tax advisors, lawyers and IT specialists produce the optimal solution in close collaboration with one another. We rely not only on professional competence, but above all on a relationship of trust and confidence that has grown over time.

Do you have important decisions to make, the repercussions of which you may not yet be able to assess? As a modern consulting firm that supports you in growth phases as well as in times of crisis, we offer you a variety of services as well as recognised specialists for almost all financial and business concerns of your organisation.

Who are our services aimed at?

Why dhpg?

Always be first choice

In our mission statement, we have committed ourselves to always being the first choice for our clients and employees. The number "one" therefore plays a special role at dhpg. For us, it is both a claim and an obligation. That is why we have formulated the core of our mission statement for our clients and business partners in a promise of performance. We call it: the principle of one – our promise of success for medium-sized businesses.


An attitude ...

... that connects. We provide you with entrepreneurial advice. From one SME to another. And of course from person to person.


A partner ...

... as your contact for any and all cases. We offer you a wide range of services, but only one contact person.


A team spirit

that moves forward. Accountants, lawyers, tax consultants, certified restructuring consultants as well as the back office behind them are ready to answer your professional and administrative questions. This enables us to adapt flexibly and quickly to new challenges.


A strength ...

... which knows no constraints or limits. We are part of Nexia, one of the world's leading networks of independent auditing and advisory firms. Offering the best opportunities for your ambitions.


A solution ...

... that is unique. We find answers that suit you. Because the following quality criteria are our benchmark.

Your contacts at dhpg

Would you like a personal meeting? We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you – no obligations on your part – so that we can get to know each other. We look forward to your call or e-mail and to meeting you.

To the contacts


Principle one


This is what dhpg stands for


Professional expertise is a matter of course for us. Just as reliability and accessibility are virtues that every client can expect from their contact at dhpg. Therefore, when handpicking a team, we not only focus on professional expertise, but also on personality. Because for us, professional and personal suitability are important ingredients in a successful collaboration. Our employees, one-third of whom are qualified as auditors, certified tax advisors or lawyers, receive practical training and continuing education.


For us, qualified advice means much more than just reacting to changing framework conditions. We support clients in recognising potential opportunities and risks at an early stage and in developing sustainable solutions in good time. This allows us to confront challenges before they even arise.


A textbook solution may be ideal for one client, but may not be ideal for another. We aim to find the solution that suits your company and can also be readily implemented. This requires vigilance and circumspection. Our interdisciplinarity, global networking, but also the openness of our teams are the prerequisites for thinking and acting in a manner that goes well above and beyond just meeting legal obligations.


The chemistry has to be right – that makes long-term collaboration much easier. For our partners and employees, consulting is both a profession and a pleasure. Our clients notice this. In every personal conversation, in every telephone call, in every service. We always want our clients to feel they are in good hands. To make sure of this, we do not resort to showmanship, and instead rely above all on close coordination. Because sustainable relationships are more important to us than short-term success at any price.

Effective implementation

As your partner, we want to contribute to the success of your business and private projects. That is why we attach importance to solutions that not only promise a lot on paper, but also deliver in actual practice. This can only be achieved through serious advice that never loses its focus on the individual situation of each client as a whole.

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