Nursing and care facilities

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Nursing and care facilities

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The care sector places specific demands on good advice. What is needed is know-how in the area of business management and special expertise in law governing benefits (German Social Code Volume XI) and special regulatory law (nursing home laws of the respective Länder). By opting for dhpg, you are choosing a partner which has been successfully advising care facilities, social institutions, hospitals and other companies operating in the health and social economy for years. Providing comprehensive advice in tax, business management, legal and strategic aspects. Our experts serve as editors of standard works on the sector and are active members of sectoral associations as well as sought-after contacts.

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Legal requirements for companies in the care sector are becoming increasingly complex. The impact on business success is considerable. For operators of care facilities and real estate investors, it is important to have partners who can provide support in the form of specialist expertise, and who can do so in a personal, flexible and reliable manner. This is what our advisors stand for.


Personal advice

At dhpg, we endeavour to speak with you personally and listen to your individual concerns. With our many years of experience and expertise in the care sector, we provide you with comprehensive, flexible and solution-oriented advice.


Our team of experts

Our team of experts has your facility as its focus and will work closely with you to identify possible solutions, be it from a business, legal or strategic perspective.


Special competence

In the field of service provision law (Social Code Volume XI) and special regulatory law (nursing home law of the respective Länder), our auditors, tax consultants and lawyers are sought-after editors and authors of standard works on the sector as well as authors of specialist articles in relevant jurisprudence journals.

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Would you like to get together for a personal discussion? We would be happy to arrange a meeting with you - with no commitment on your part - so that we can get to know each other. We will be looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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FAQ - Questions about nursing care facilities

How do you begin working with dhpg? What are the first steps to be taken?

As a modern consulting firm, we offer you a variety of services. Do you require legal, business management or strategic advice? Do you need to bridge a personnel bottleneck in your accounting department? Would you like to improve your internal reporting? We will work closely with you and your team to develop specific solutions and steps in line with your objectives and on the basis of the information provided. You will always have a main contact person who will handle and coordinate everything for you as situations unfold, from the clarification of specific questions to producing an all-round solution.

No matter what the topic, however, it would be expedient for us to first get to know you and your company in a personal meeting with you, as it is trust, confidence and respect that guarantee successful cooperation.

How can dhpg support me in the digitalisation of bookkeeping or accounting?

We offer advice on digital business processes as well as data protection and IT security. Competent and all-embracing - and always with your concerns and ambitions in mind.

If you are planning to (further) digitalise the bookkeeping or accounting in your company or institution, we will be happy to support you. The key factor in this is proper coordination of individual areas. Interfaces to existing software solutions should be leveraged for reasons of efficiency and to enhance flexibility. Find out from our experts how your accounting system can be digitised, from outgoing invoices and wage and salary data to the recording of bank and cash movements. We will be happy to develop a strategy with you to meet your existing requirements in technical, functional and legal terms.

In what way does law governing nursing homes differ from other areas of law?

In fact, the Basic Law (the German constitution) does not define law governing nursing homes in any precise manner. The commentary on the constitution makes reference to the body of provisions contained in the Act on Nursing Homes, i.e. those areas of regulation which lawmakers included in the former Act on Nursing Homes are to be understood as law governing nursing homes. This is thus a kind of "reservoir" of provisions regulating the organisation of operation of nursing homes and their supervision by the authorities. These include, inter alia,

  • Regulatory law / special trade law / economic administrative law (the body of standards and provisions, on the licensing of an establishment, possibilities of intervention by the regulatory administration, etc.)
  • Special building law (requirements apply to room sizes, etc.)
  • Regulations relating to staffing requirements (requirement of a facility service / nursing service management, specialist staff quota, specialist staff presence obligations, etc.).
  • Employment law provisions (e.g. obligation to implement personnel development concepts)
  • Market regulation (e.g. option for binding needs planning)
  • Right of co-determination for residents (advisory councils)
  • Law governing administrative organisation
  • Procedural provisions (court action against orders without suspensive effect)
  • Publicity (posting of reports, publication on a district's website)
  • Law laying down specific administrative offences

In contrast, civil law, which used to be set out in the Act on Nursing Homes (Heimgesetz) and now falls under the Housing and Nursing Care Contracts Act (Wohn- und Betreuungsvertragsgesetz), must be clearly distinguished from this. Homes for children and juveniles are not covered by the law on nursing homes, either, and are instead addressed in the Social Code (Social Code Volume VIII).


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