Restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency

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Restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency

Remaining capable of acting as a company or regaining this capability

Identifying opportunities and prospects for a company - that is our focus. Because there is potential in every company to boost its performance or to surmount a crisis through good turnaround management. Working together with you, we identify fields of action, prepare the necessary expert reports (IDW-S6 expert reports) and restructuring plans, while exploring tax, corporate and labour law aspects in order, at the end of the day, to protect your assets. Even insolvency does not have to mean the end of the line for a company, and can even mean a second chance. Together we look at the current situation of your company and develop practicable solutions.

Who are our restructuring services aimed at?

Why dhpg?

Continuation of the business is our ultimate goal

To this end, we pull out all the stops - be it in an emerging crisis or an impending insolvency. When dealing with a crisis, it is important to know exactly where effective changes can be made. A holistic approach is therefore essential.


Many years of experience

Together with you, we look at the opportunities for a repositioning of your company. Our many years of experience in working with companies, creditors and courts will support you in pursuing your goals and preparing the best possible strategy to achieve them.


A team for all tasks

Strategy, restructuring, reorganisation, taxes, M&A, personnel or even insolvency law: at dhpg, we have in-house experts well-versed in all issues, so we can act on an agile footing for you and effectively guide you through the crisis.


80 experts working in a network

Certified restructuring advisors, lawyers, specialist lawyers and tax advisors along with a back office behind them are ready to answer any professional and administrative questions you may have. This enables us to adapt flexibly and quickly to new challenges.

Your contact persons on restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency

Would you like to arrange a personal meeting to discuss things? We would be happy to schedule a non-binding appointment with you so that we can get to know each other. We look forward to your call or e-mail and to meeting you.

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FAQ - Questions on restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency

Are there general indications of a company crisis?

The Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW) distinguishes between five crisis scenarios. A stakeholder crisis occurs when, for example, the parent company is having financial problems and, as a result, investments in subsidiaries are delayed. Thus, the crisis spills over from the parent to the subsidiary. The situation is similar when shareholders disagree among themselves and the company's development suffers as a result. The crisis itself is only latent at this point. As a result of the aforementioned points, the company does not develop strategically (a strategy crisis). Thus, opportunities in the market and on the customer side are not exploited. In the medium term, the company will have to struggle with declining market shares. This means that a product and sales crisis is not far away. The company's results deteriorate, the figures dip into the red. In the crisis of profitability, the company can still be restructured. If the company slides into a liquidity crisis, however, it is in danger of becoming insolvent. There are no longer sufficient financial resources to meet liabilities or to invest in the company.

Can a company prepare an insolvency petition itself?

A company must apply for insolvency in writing with the competent local court. This could be a business owner himself, a managing director or a creditor. Here you will find an application form with the most important information that an application should contain. This includes: 

  • the reason for the insolvency,
  • a statement of assets and liabilities,
  • a list of claims/creditors,
  • Information on the company such as the company's purpose and its most important financial metrics.

What is an IDW S6 expert opinion?

An IDW S6 expert opinion provides information on whether a company can be successfully restructured in a crisis. This form of an expert opinion has been standardised by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW) and is thus based on a clear structure. It is intended to provide the recipient of the report with information on the development of the current and the coming business years. The aim is to recognise whether a restructuring of a company can succeed in the long term. As a rule, the impetus for an IDW S6 expert opinion comes from outside, e.g. from banks, which request an expert opinion from an independent third party.

Is there any special support for employees in an insolvency?

The employment agency pays insolvency benefits for the last three months before insolvency proceedings are opened. Insolvency benefits can be pre-financed by a provisional insolvency administrator so that employees can receive their wages on time if company operations are continued in the opening proceedings.

Does insolvency always mean the end?

No, it doesn't have to. We view insolvency to be an important restructuring instrument for a company. In every phase of a crisis, our objective is to develop solutions aimed at preserving the company and jobs. The interests of creditors are another focus of our work. This is the reason why dhpg's insolvency administrators are among the most frequently appointed lawyers in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate.


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