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Is your heir still a minor, or require special protection? Has your company successor yet to be designated? Do you have a special desire in your capacity as testator that is not supposed to be carried out until after your death? In many situations, execution of last wills and testaments is an effective instrument to ensure that your will and desire is carried out and your heirs are supported. An executor who understands you and your will establishes continuity without placing undue limits on the heirs. dhpg's attorneys specialised in inheritance law perform just this task - and with it attend to the execution and administration of the estate. We will be glad to assist you with all our experience in the field of inheritance and company law.

Think through all the possible options and find the ideal route

An executor supports and assists you in many areas while also performing the following tasks:

  • distribution of your estate while at the same time ensuring that no disputes arise among your heirs
  • implement decisions affecting the estate in accordance with your wishes and desires
  • secure the estate for minors up to a certain age
  • take into account special desires such as, for instance, the establishment of a foundation and its design in accordance with your intentions
  • set up bequests to needy heirs without allowing creditors to gain access to such

Execution of last will and testament when the company succession is undecided

If there is no company successor or if potential company successors are still too young to make company decisions on their own, execution of the last will and testament can help. An executor is able to make corporate decisions together with the heirs and in line with your instructions. The divestiture or winding up of the company can also be assisted while minimising financial and business liability risks as well. Just get in touch with us.

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