Restructurings React flexibly to changes

Analyse evolved structures

Corporate legal structures of companies often evolve over periods of decades. But what used to be the right legal, tax and business structure in the past does not have to still be advantageous today. All the more important, then, to be able to react flexibly to changing underlying conditions and requirements - e.g. by changing the legal form, mergers, split-offs or combinations of company units and stakes.

A team of experts for all areas

Changes in the organisational structure of a company group involve complex procedures and require know-how in different disciplines. dhpg's experts link up this expertise and:

  • Analyse the tax implications of a restructuring
  • Assess tax optimisation to determine whether it is legally watertight (if need be with the help of official information from authorities)
  • Draft all documents and resolutions while performing all registrations required under company law
  • Ensure that the rights of employees are upheld, in particular when their legal employer changes as a result of a company transition
  • Preparation of special and intermediate balance sheets, certificates and attestations as proof for register courts
  • Analyse and elucidate the impact on internal/external accounting systems
  • Ensure that all declarations, registrations and proof required are submitted to the fiscal authorities

Think ahead when acquiring a company

The possible reasons for restructuring a company are wide-ranging and manifold. But in many cases structures especially need to be adjusted before or following a company acquisition. The new owner will want to smoothly integrate a company it acquires in its structure. Our transaction experts take these exigencies into account early on, supporting the acquisition or sale process right from the outset .

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