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Auditing services: we cultivate trust and confidence

In addition to the annual audit, company law or other legal provisions can also give rise to situations requiring a special audit of your company. Having experts confirm that everything is proper and efficient plays a major role in the trust and confidence your stakeholders have in your business. Place your trust in a partner that has been working for more than 60 years a wide range of different branches. A partner guided by an interdisciplinary strategy that is able to leverage additional expertise from within our own company to make sure you get sound advice.    

Statutory and voluntary audits

In our capacity as a medium-scale enterprise offering consulting and advice services, we provide a wide variety of auditing services above and beyond statutory audits:

Special audits (to name only a few)

  • audit of the founding and post-founding period
  • audit of capital increases
  • audit of the dependency report
  • audit of brokers and property developers
  • audits based on the German Banking Act (KWK) and German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  • audit in accordance with the Packaging Regulation
  • special balance sheets and audits in the event of liquidations

Auditing services

  • financial due diligence analyses
  • IT audits
  • fraud audits
  • audits and confirmations of covenants, audits of risk management systems, company business processes and internal control systems
  • restructuring audits
  • performance audits

Additional financial reporting services (to name only a few)

  • advice on new financial reporting requirements
  • support in the initial preparation of annual financial Statements/consolidated financial statements in accordance with national and international financial reporting requirements (without an audit contract)
  • support in issues relating to the recognition and valuation of balance sheet items


Auditing/ special audits and auditing services

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