Special audits and auditing services

Above and beyond the audit of annual financial statements
Special audits and auditing services

Statutory audits, special audits and auditing services

In addition to the audit of the annual financial statements, a special audit may also be required under company law or for legal reasons. The trust and security of stakeholders are largely a function of the confirmation of accuracy and/or efficiency provided by an expert (auditor). You should therefore speak to a partner who has been active in numerous industries for more than 70 years. We are a partner with an interdisciplinary approach and can draw on additional expertise from within the company to advise you if needed.

What tasks can we perform for you?

Special audits (selection)

Auditing services

Other financial reporting-related services (selection)

Why dhpg?

Special situations require greater trust and confidence

Every audit outside of the annual financial statements faces a special challenge. In many cases where a special audit is requested, a company is in a state of flux. This is precisely when it is important to be able to rely on a trustworthy result within the audit. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


Well positioned

Thanks to dhpg's interdisciplinary approach, we are able to assist companies with a wide range of special audits. No matter how complex the task, you will only have one contact holding all the reins. 


SME experience

We speak the same language as SMEs because we are a medium-sized company ourselves. We therefore know the expectations that a medium-scale client has when it comes to a special audit and the auditor.


International network

dhpg is a member of CLA Global Limited (CLA Global), a worldwide association of independent accounting and consulting firms representing clients in more than 100 countries.

Your contacts for special audits in the SME sector

Would you like to have a personal meeting with one of our experienced inspectors? We would be glad to arrange an appointment with you – no strings attached – so we can get to know each other. We look forward to your call or e-mail and to hearing from you.

To the contact persons

FAQs on special audits and auditing services

What is behind an audit in accordance with the German Real Estate Agent and Property Developer Ordinance (MaBV)?

Traders within the meaning of the MaBV are obliged to have themselves audited by an auditor every calendar year and to submit the audit report to the authority in charge by the end of the following year at the latest. In the report, the auditor certifies that no violations of provisions laid down in the Real Estate Agent and Property Developer Ordinance (= MaBV) have been identified. The MaBV is primarily intended to provide special protection for property buyers and their payments. Payments may only be accepted if a legally valid contract exists, a priority notice of conveyance has been entered in the land register at the agreed ranking position, the release of encumbrances has been assured and an official building permit has been issued.

What exactly does an audit in line with the Packaging Regulation mean?

Packaging contributes significantly to the production of waste. According to the Packaging Regulation, retailers who put packaged goods into circulation must help organise and finance the return and disposal of such packaging. Contracts concluded with disposal companies to this end stipulate defined packaging quantities. In addition, the Packaging Regulation provides for electronic declarations of completeness, which must be certified by an auditor or a special auditor. The special auditors at dhpg will be happy to assist you.

What IT audits does dhpg offer outside the annual financial statements?

In addition to IT audits, which we carry out as a standard service in the annual audit of complex IT infrastructures, dhpg also offers companies audits targeting other compliance requirements (e.g. GoBD, BAIT, MaRisk, Swift, German Cash Register Transaction Regulation (KassenSichVerordnung), GDPR). In the area of IT security, we audit standards such as DIIR, OSSTMM, German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) - IT baseline protection modules. Companies that would like to have the status of their IT security checked in general can also have a comprehensive vulnerability test carried out.

Special audits outside the annual audit

In addition to the audit of annual and consolidated financial statements, there are a whole range of situations and legal requirements that entail special audits, e.g. the founding audit, capital increase audit as well as special balance sheets for restructurings and the dependent company report. dhpg offers medium-sized companies of all sizes and legal forms competent support from special auditors – whether at national or international level. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


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