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Individual solutions: With a view to people and enterprises

Successfully grappling with a company or estate succession poses a unique challenge - emotionally as well - as family and company are inextricable interwoven at family-run companies. In many cases, appointment of new management is associated with a watershed change at the company. That is why you are well advised to rely on a team of advisors who have the necessary technical know-how and "soft skills" to help you in this important decision. dhpg has supported many successions - financial ones as well as person to person.    

A succession cannot be viewed in isolation

Just get in touch with us if succession is on your agenda. We will provide you comprehensive, sustainable advice on issues such as:

  • Company and estate succession from an inheritance-law, corporate-law and tax perspective
  • Forward-looking financial structuring
  • Inclusion of foundation solutions in financial succession
  • Designing and executing last wills and testaments
  • Support in inheritance disputes
  • Restructuring or divestiture of companies
  • Contacting personnel service providers or mediators in company successions


Wealth and corporate succession/ integrated advice on succession and estates

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