Free-lancers, self-employed persons and private individuals

Business or the private sphere: transitions are fluid, not rigid

Free-lancers, self-employed persons and private individuals need broad-based, personal advice on financial and legal issues, as in many of transitions between professional and private life are fluid, not rigid. Business decisions impact one's private life and vice versa. Providing person-to-person advice is especially important to us. Whatever questions or concerns you may have: at dhpg there will always be a personal contact at your side, who will be glad to take the time to attend to your needs.

Partner in tax and legal matters

Our aim and objective is not only to offer high-quality support in helping you meet your tax obligations, but also to optimise your tax structure as well. No matter whether you need advice in the capacity of a free-lancer in connection with filing your annual income tax statement or whether your family has questions involving bequests or inheritance tax statements, taxation of capital investments domestically and abroad, or you want to defend your interests against the fiscal authorities - we are at your side and will advise you on the optimum way to leverage your tax and legal possibilities. Including when international aspects are involved.


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