Valuations Determine company asset values independently

Valuation criteria varies greatly

Do you need an independent opinion on the value of company's assets or shares? Do you need an allocation for the purchase price in the acquisition of a company? Do you need an expert opinion on value of assets for tax purposes, for example, in connection with a company succession? Is one of your Partners  contemplating leaving the firm and his compensation needs to be calculated? - These cases are only a few examples in situations where valuation is essential to your company or individual assets. We are confident that our resources will meet your needs and objectives. We strive to address client concerns professionally and with care.

Services tailored precisely to your needs and objectives

Simply get in touch with us if you require the following services:

  • Determination of company asset values in accordance with IDW S1
  • Valuation of intangible assets in accordance with IDW S5
  • Drafting of fairness opinions in accordance with IDW S8
  • Performance of purchase price allocations
  • Preparation of, or plausibility checks on, integrated budget models

Specific customer advice in line with needs

We analyse your asset, financial, and earnings situation in detail, and evaluate budget planning for your specific individual valuation case. Depending on your needs, our plausibility checks at the same time encompass adjustment of budget planning in order to prepare appropriate models for the valuation case. In our expertise, we affix considerable importance to the greatest transparency possible regarding all premises and valuation parameters. Our work is focused on customer-specific advice, in line with your needs and objectives in order to maximise your benefits at an optimal cost.

Advisory services/ valuations

Consulting with personal touch

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