Sector-specific advice for your nursing care facility

Tax, financial and legal expertise from a single source
Sector-specific advice for your nursing care facility

Our experts serve as editors of the standard works focusing on the sector and are active members of sectoral associations as well as sought-after contacts.

Negotiations on care rates, financing investment costs, business management advice, financing advice - our advisors and specially trained employees offer a practical, solution-oriented range of interdisciplinary services that meet the specific requirements of the nursing care sector. In personal discussions with you, we focus on the concerns, aims and objectives of your nursing care facility in an all-embracing manner. We develop strategic concepts in close contact with you, in which we alert you to opportunities and risks - always with a view to the future prospects of your nursing care facility. Draw the benefits from our decades of experience in the field of nursing care facilities.

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Why dhpg?

Because we advise you as equals

We advise you personally - this is not just some advertising slogan, but a key element in our corporate philosophy. We are committed to defending and promoting your interests with heart and mind. As partners on the same page, forming the basis for long-term cooperation based on trust and confidence. That is our aim and objective.


Many years of experience

By opting for dhpg, you are placing your trust in a partner who has been successfully advising care facilities, social institutions, hospitals and other companies in the healthcare and social sector for years - personally, flexibly, responsibly.


Interdisciplinary advice

We provide you with comprehensive advice on tax, business management, legal and strategic aspects. In close cooperation with you, we develop a strategy that also takes into account your values and corporate philosophy.


We are personally there for you

We advise our clients personally: commercial, non-profit and municipal corporations and entities, regardless of legal form and size. Our aim and objective is to ensure your complete satisfaction and, with this as a basis, to work together with you over the long term.

Your contact when it comes to business management advice for nursing care facilities

Would you like to get together for a personal discussion? We would be happy to arrange a meeting with you - with no commitment on your part - so that we can get to know each other. We will be looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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FAQ - Questions on the subject of business management advice for nursing care facilities

Many (prospective) entrepreneurs from the care sector are brimming with creative ideas and new concepts. Why do they need advice?

Nursing care is an extremely regulated market. Three different regulatory systems overlap here. The German Länder lay down regulatory options and limits through Länder nursing home laws (in NRW, for example, the Housing and Participation Act (WTG). The federal government steers the provision of services, including financing aspects, through law governing nursing care insurance and (for outpatient care) law governing health insurance, and the civil law part by means of the Housing and Care Contract Act (Wohn- und Betreuungsvertragsgesetz (WBVG)). How these systems intermesh is not always void of contradictions. Entrepreneurial initiative can get tangled up and bogged down in these systems. We provide you advice early on in the conceptual work and support you in the design and execution.

What is special about investment costs in nursing care facilities?

In addition to the financing of care rates, accommodation and meals in the nursing care insurance system, investment costs were regulated separately when the nursing care insurance system was introduced in 1995 (§ 82 of Social Code Volume XI "Financing of nursing care facilities"). The German Länder had reserved the right to issue regulations governing the building infrastructure. As a result, there are 16 different investment cost systems today. As a rule, investment costs are borne by those in need of nursing care. Some of the German Länder relieve the burden on people in need of nursing care by means of an individual nursing home allowance, a benefit similar to social assistance. Otherwise, social aid is provided in the form of assistance for care. Law governing investment costs must therefore be examined separately for each of the Länder.

Why are negotiations on care rates so important for your care facility?

All facilities that have concluded a care agreement with respective funding agencies are obliged by the Nursing Care Insurance Act (PflegeVG) to constantly review their economic efficiency. In other words, the business success of a nursing facility is determined to a large extent by successful nursing rate negotiations. Nursing rate negotiations focus on nursing services, accommodation and meals as well as investment costs. These are negotiated individually and require sound preparation. The individual German Länder have widely differing regulations in this regard. In some of the Länder, nursing facilities can decide themselves whether negotiations on individual nursing rates or negotiations on a flat rate are more appropriate for their facility. Business management advice covers an assessment of profitability, including with a view to competitiveness with other care facilities. We will be happy to support you in this. We have the know-how that it takes as well as the tools that are needed in the form of a tailor-made management information system.

As an entrepreneur, how can you structure the succession process for your company and your assets?

Many details need to be carefully taken into account in business successions, restructurings as well as in the purchase and divestiture of a company. Succession involves corporate law, inheritance law and tax issues as well as personal goals. Every company succession has individual motives. As reliable partners, our consultants will help you develop the right strategy while taking into account emotional and social aspects of importance to you. We support you in your planning and in the search for a suitable successor.

Which instrument best serves decision-makers at a care facility when it comes to controlling and assessing entrepreneurial activity?

We offer you an individual solution by means of analysis and controlling of your figures as a strategic decision-making aid. Find out how you can efficiently and clearly assess the business success of your care facility with the help of an overview of results for the areas of care, accommodation and catering, investment costs and other income at a glance and also plan for the future. The tailor-made evaluations from our "care inside" controlling tool serve as the basis for the quick recording of surpluses or deficits, offering support for financing discussions, care rate negotiations and helps put together a list of measures - on an ongoing basis, promptly and clearly.

Sector-specific consulting for your care facility

Business management advice, financing advice, investment cost financing, negotiating nursing rates, sector-specific advice for nursing facilities - a broad range of services in times of change and transformation. It brings to mind a quote from Louis Pasteur: "Change only favours those who are

prepared for it." Let us help you find the right strategy for your care facility in close contact and personal consultations - for individual projects and as a cooperation partner that helps solve complex issues with a clear view of the essentials and the core areas of your care facility. We look forward to working with you.


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