Criminal tax law

Advice, voluntary disclosure and criminal tax proceedings
Criminal tax law

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We advise you on all issues relating to voluntary disclosure and criminal tax law. Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers and tax advisors assures you of prompt and professional support - whether in the preliminary stages of assessing tax risks or in the event of a possible voluntary disclosure or if criminal tax proceedings have been initiated. You can also get in touch with us if you are facing criminal tax proceedings as a result of an audit by the local tax office. 

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Why dhpg?

Our team of experts in criminal tax law are there when you need them

Tax law is complex and constantly changing. It is not always easy to keep track of everything. Criminal law consequences can hit you abruptly. dhpg has a team of tax and criminal law experts who will support you in minimising criminal and tax risks from the outset or, in the best-case scenario, help you avoid tax offences altogether. If criminal prosecution does occur, we will attend to the matter quickly and discreetly. Help from a single source. 


Interdisciplinary work

Don't hesitate to contact us in matters of tax and legal structuring. An interdisciplinary team ensures that, in the best case scenario, no criminal risks arise in the first place.


Targeted advice

Depending on your role in the company, requirements may differ. Feel free to contact us on questions of criminal tax law whether you are an entrepreneur, director or manager.


Always available for you

If proceedings are initiated or you are confronted with a search by the tax investigation authorities, things have to move quickly. Our experts in criminal tax law are there for you and available at all times for you and any important questions you may have.

Your contact persons for criminal tax law

Would you like to get together for a personal meeting to obtain advice? We would be happy to schedule a non-binding appointment with you so that we can get to know each other. We look forward to your call or e-mail and to meeting you.

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FAQ - Questions on criminal tax law

How do I file a voluntary disclosure?

A voluntary disclosure is intended to provide an attractive incentive to correct inaccurate or incomplete information submitted to the tax office in order to wipe the slate clean. In these cases, taxes must be paid in arrears, but there is no punishment for tax evasion or any other tax offences. In order to achieve this objective of being exempt from punishment, it is mandatory for certain requirements and formalities to be met. It is therefore essential to consult an experienced lawyer who has experience in tax law as well as criminal tax law and is familiar with the German Fiscal Code (AO).

What do I do if tax investigators are at the door?

If the tax investigators are actually at your doorstep, the first rule is to stay calm. Ask to see the officers' IDs and search warrant. Do not allow the tax investigators to engage you in conversation; according to the Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO), you and your employees have the right to refuse to testify. Inform us as soon as possible about the tax investigation so that we can assist you professionally during the investigation.

What should be done if aspects involving criminal tax law come to light in the tax audit?

According to the German Fiscal Code (AO), tax audits serve the purpose of determining, examining and assessing taxpayers' tax situation. More and more frequently, we are finding that the possibility of a possible relevance of criminal tax law is being raised. In this case, the tax office has certain obligations in terms of how it is to react. But you as a taxpayer should also consult an expert who will advise you on whether and to what extent you are still obliged to cooperate, depending on the status of the proceedings.  

Criminal tax law: Expert advice can protect against your image being tarnished

Criminal charges, such as tax evasion, entail many things. Damage to the image of your company and individuals working for it would then appear to be almost unavoidable. dhpg's advice on criminal tax law does not start with the defence in criminal tax proceedings, however. Ideally, we help you avoid ever reaching that point. Let us support you in correcting your tax returns and in the case of a voluntary disclosure. We will also be happy to support you along with your tax advisor during an external audit in accordance with the German Fiscal Code (AO). Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


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