Inheritance law Lay down arrangements for your estate early on and in an all-embracing manner

Jointly plan and lay down the last will and testament, inheritance agreement and succession arrangements

Be it an individual will and testament, the last will and testament of a spouse, an inheritance agreement or a company succession: succession arrangements are always individual arrangements, as every individual and their living situation is different. dhpg provides you advice on all issues involving inheritance law, inheritance tax and all other questions relating thereto. We work together with you to find tailor-made succession arrangements for business enterprises and private individuals. We act as counsel and work to satisfy your claim and defend your rights in the event of inheritance disputes or separations of estates - out of court and before the court.

Bequests during your lifetime or arrangements laid down in last wills and testaments: together we will find the right path

There is scarcely anything more personal than the question of one's own estate and one's own company succession. Personal and individual advice stand at the heart of what dhpg has to offer. Just get in touch with us if you:

  • Have questions involving national and international inheritance law and inheritance tax law
  • Would like to make prudential arrangements in the form of general powers of attorney, prudential powers of attorney or living wills
  • Are planning to transfer assets already during your lifetime
  • Qould like to optimise succession and your last will and testament and thereby optimise or calculate inheritance tax
  • Need support in preparing your inheritance tax statement
  • Desire professional assistance in the settlement of the estate
  • Want to defend against or satisfy claims to compulsory portions or augmented compulsory portions
  • Qould like to execute the last will and testament or if legal counsel appears warranted

International successions and design of successions: We structure and design solutions throughout the world

Be it a holiday home, financial assets or a company stake abroad: in inheritance and succession cases, different arrangements and legal systems of different countries apply. Together with our global partners in the CLA Global network, we design and structure your private and corporate succession, for example by selecting the optimum body of law or special arrangements. We also support you when you yourself inherit assets in other countries - then we serve as your competent contact when it comes to satisfying all your inheritance claims and solving inheritance-tax issues.

Wealth and corporate succession/ inheritance law

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