Professional insolvency administration

Ensuring the best possible creditor satisfaction and leveraging opportunities to continue operations
Professional insolvency administration

Successful insolvency administration for companies of all sizes

dhpg stands for modern and professional insolvency administration. With eight insolvency administrators and an 80-strong team of lawyers, business lawyers, business economists and insolvency specialists, we are one of the largest insolvency law firms in Germany capable of handling corporate insolvencies of any size. With certified processes and high standards of quality and transparency, we see ourselves as a service provider for insolvency courts and creditors. Our particular strength lies in the reorganisation and restructuring of companies in insolvency proceedings.

What you can expect from us

Why dhpg?

Sustainable corporate restructuring is our ultimate goal

Our insolvency administrators have many years of experience in insolvency administration in the execution of several thousand insolvency proceedings. In addition to the best possible satisfaction of creditors, our guiding principles are the preservation of value through continuation of the business, consistent realisation of insolvency-specific claims, preservation of jobs, transparency and traceability. We take the principle of personal responsibility very seriously and act to ensure that adequate attention is devoted to continuous communication with all parties involved in the proceedings.


Reorganisation and sustainability

Our aim and objective is sustainable reorganisation as a means of satisfying creditors in the best possible way. For many years, the courts have certified that we have pursued this with tremendous success and a high level of personal commitment. 


One team for all tasks

Continuation of operations, restructuring, transferring reorganisation, insolvency plan, contestation, managing director's liability, tax advisor's liability, claims under company law: At dhpg, we have in-house experts for all questions and can thus guarantee the best possible satisfaction of creditors.


80 experts working in a network

Lawyers, specialist lawyers, business economists, auditors, tax advisors and a back office supporting them are ready to ensure optimal handling of insolvency proceedings. This enables us to adapt flexibly and quickly to new challenges.

Your contact persons for insolvency administration

Would you like to contact our insolvency administrators? We would be happy to schedule a non-binding appointment with you so that we can get to know each other. We look forward to your call or email and to meeting you.

To the contact persons

What else is important to us

Insolvency plans - always the result of an interdisciplinary team

The foundations for each and every dhpg insolvency plan is a sound analysis of the situation and an overview of the necessary measures. In order to meet our claim of satisfying creditors in the best possible manner, but also to ensure the possible continuation of a company, we bring together dhpg experts from the areas of auditing, valuation, tax, corporate and labour law depending on the task at hand. Business economists from the areas of restructuring and reorganisation ensure that the plans necessary for a continuation can be successfully implemented in actual practice. Due to the size of our firm, we have proven experts in almost all sectors - from lawyers to auditors. Our experience, expertise and communication skills mean that our insolvency plans generally meet with the approval of creditors' committees.

Professionally managing creditors' committees

Insolvency administration has changed in recent years. For some time now, insolvency no longer has to mean the break-up of a company. Thus, in addition to the professional formation of creditors' committees, good communication and moderation are required. dhpg's insolvency administrators actively support members of creditors' committees throughout the process. In this way, we always achieve a balance between creditor and company interests. 

Insolvency administrator, trustee or restructuring advisor

As certified restructuring advisors, we also feel at home in other roles besides insolvency administration. We have already supported a large number of self-administration proceedings in the capacity of trustees or restructuring advisors. As an interdisciplinary team, we are well prepared for this. Further information can be found in our sections on Turnaround Management and Insolvency in Self-Administration on this website.

Preventive restructuring framework: Restructuring at an early stage of the crisis

Insolvency law is changing. And we at dhpg are well prepared for it. More than 20 years of experience in insolvency administration and restructuring offer good foundations for integrating our expertise in preventive restructuring - be it as restructuring officers or restructuring facilitators in proceedings. Internally, dhpg is ideally positioned for this.

Insolvency administration

Regular insolvency proceedings serve to satisfy creditors as best as possible. However, these also offer the companies involved an opportunity for restructuring and reorientation. The role of the insolvency administrator has changed in recent years. An experienced insolvency administrator can help to preserve the company and jobs with the help of an insolvency plan while at the same time satisfying creditors in the best possible way. The following always applies, however: The earlier on an insolvency application is filed, the better the chances of successful reorganisation.


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