Foundations as a solution for your own succession

How you can place your life work and estate in the right hands

Foundations are one conceivable alternative in securing your permanent succession. A foundation can be set up while you are still alive or laid down in your last will and testament. This will ensure that your life work is preserved and the estate is not subject to inheritance tax. Foundation issues are one of dhpg's core competencies: We delineate options for small and medium-scale enterprises involving various foundation and provide information and advice on financial, legal and tax consequences. Just get in touch with us. Together we will find the best solution for your succession.

The optimum solution for your project

A foundation is not merely a foundation. That is why it is important to us to first understand the motives and aims that are moving you to establish a foundation. Based on this, we provide you advice and support on the following issues:

  • selection of the optimum form for your foundation - be it a family, company or not-for-profit foundation
  • establishment of the foundation as well as support in the area of law governing associations and contractual agreements
  • tax design and structure with a view to foundations and heirs
  • best possible point in time to transfer assets to the foundation
  • designing the last will and testament
  • legal advice for the governing institutions 

Competence above and beyond succession

Our spectrum of skills goes above and beyond legal and tax advice in the phase of succession and founding of the foundation. We will also be glad to provide you ongoing tax advice (link) and prepare the annual financial statements (link) in the ensuing period as well.

Wealth and corporate succession/ foundations

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