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Labour law

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We are your full-service provider for labour law from A for "agency workers law" to Z for "zero-hours contracts". Whether in court, with the works council or defending your interests vis-à-vis the social security agency: we stand by you and satisfy your interests. When you have small questions or are carrying out major projects involving labour law, we are always there at your side right away, offering you solid, solution-oriented as your personal advisors and supporting you in the implementation.

The first and foremost principle is to make sure you have a contact person at our firm to advise you while drawing on the entire range of services offered by dhpg. In the field of employment law, we work side by side with our Corporate Law, Wage Tax Law, Payroll Providing, Teams Global Mobility and Inbound Services teams.

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Why dhpg?

One less worry

Employment law means conflict avoidance and conflict management. And it means both of these during ongoing business operations. As a partner of medium-sized businesses, we are there to efficiently take the burden off your shoulders with our expertise and foresight, with state-of-the-art communication and a clear language. So that you can attend to what you do best: Your business!


Top quality and expertise

We are experts in our field. And when it's crunch time, we work hand in hand with other dhpg experts - across a whole spate of disciplines. Our objective? To produce the best possible results for your company.


Open and innovative

Experience is important, but a standard approach is of no use. We welcome your ideas, and together we will put them into practice - professionally and technically. With professional excellence, but also with experience and empathetic negotiating skills.


Geared to the field of practice and bound for success

We understand what you need in your daily work. You can be sure of that. Just like you can rely on a hands-on approach to implementation. Because we believe that good collaboration offers the foundations for sustainable success.

Your contact persons for labour law

Would you like to get together for a personal meeting to obtain advice? We would be happy to schedule a non-binding appointment with you so that we can get to know each other. We look forward to your call or e-mail and to meeting you.

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FAQ - Questions about labour law

We have a great team. But our managers or the HR managers are sometimes unsure how to properly deal with labour law issues. Can you provide us training?

Of course! Our employment lawyers regularly train both with classic and online venues. If you wish, we can come to you and train you in-house, adapted to meet your needs. Just get in touch!

We believe that we pay our employees decently. But dissatisfaction among the workforce is mounting, and some employees feel like they are treated worse than others. We are also witnessing this at Kununu & Co. Can you help?

Do you have a transparent remuneration system? Can your employees understand their salary? Do you grant benefits that don't cost you much, but that your employee might appreciate? There are countless possibilities - from more traditional petrol or meal vouchers to job bikes. Let's discuss everything openly. We are familiar with all kinds of arrangements and schemes and will be glad to work with you to develop new ideas for your company and support you in implementing them.

Our employees frequently work at the transnational level. What do we need to keep in mind?

We live in an increasingly networked world of work. A salesperson in charge of D-A-CH or Benelux has been a frequent fixture for some time, but business trips to China, the USA or Central Africa have their pitfalls: especially in the areas of social security, tax and labour law. dhpg is optimally prepared to meet your consulting needs, both when it comes to individual business trips as well as for the general approach adopted by your company. Together with our international teams and our network partners, we can support you in whatever country in the world you may need assistance.

I can arrange temporary workers without any problem. What is so complicated about that?

You are right: the law is aimed more at manpower providers than at you as the party hiring them. But if something goes wrong legally, you are usually the one who bears the brunt. In the worst case, you will have to make retroactive payments for temporary workers and employ them as your own fixed staff members from that point on. And there are also dangers lurking when staff are exchanged within a group or between "friendly" companies. We will protect you from these perils - and, by the way, we have been advising you for years even if you are a temporary employment agency yourself or want to become one.

I have always been my own boss and have successfully built up my business. Why should I now suddenly pay into a pension scheme just because I have incorporated my company into a limited company and want my daughter to join the management?

Congratulations on your lifetime achievements! Hopefully we will be able to support you on your successful trajectory for many years. Congratulations also on finding a successor! We should talk about how you and your daughter's social security obligations are going to look, however. Now that you are no longer making decisions entirely on your own, our lawmakers believe that you are more in need of protection than you perhaps feel and than you even may be. And rules in this regard have become much stricter in recent years. So before you see your joint success being whittled away through expensive additional payments and unpleasant investigation procedures, let's go through what to do together. Perhaps the obligation to pay social security contributions can even be avoided altogether; sometimes it is not such a bad thing after all.

Place your trust and confidence in the specialist lawyers at dhpg when it comes to labour law

Feel free to contact us regarding any and all questions involving individual and collective labour law. We will show you the options available to you - both before and during the current employment relationship as well as when it is terminated. In the event of any conflicts, our lawyers will act as your counsel before the labour and social courts. We serve as your advisors and counsel in all matters of labour law. Our aim and objective is to provide you with the best possible employment law advice in all human resource matters. Both in your normal day-to-day work and in the event of company divestitures, restructurings, reorganisations and insolvency. In matters involving different areas of law, we call in other experts whenever necessary. We offer solutions that work smoothly.


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