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Meet challenges and leverage opportunities

Take advantage of opportunities and manage risks - these are both basic tasks faced by any and all businesspersons. In view of a rapidly changing business environment, opportunity and risk assessments are not always simple. Influential factors are wide-ranging and need to be weighted differently for each company. We support you in aligning your risk management system to meet the needs of small and medium-scale enterprises. We develop solutions that work and can be implemented in a pragmatic manner. Our advisors make sure of that.

Risk management: Tuned to your needs

Just get in touch with us if you would like to expand your corporate planning by launching a systematic but at the same time focused risk management system. This is what we can offer you:

  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of potential risks to your company
  • Development of a risk-management system that meets your needs
  • Support in implementation in functional areas
  • Review and optimisation of already existing systems
  • Assumption of individual tasks as temporary or permanent outsourcing
  • Additional support in emergencies (if need be involving additional experts from auditing, restructuring, taxes, IT etc.)

To make sure that risk does not turn into a crisis

Companies are subject to market and product cycles. The first signs of a possible crisis often crop up in areas that are not covered by classic controlling. Crises frequently originate in a division of the company or group in which sales are in decline or the product policy has not been the right one. A properly functioning risk management system specifically geared to the company can help confront and counter negative developments early on. And if a crisis nevertheless develops, a confidential discussion with an expert advisor can help. We will be glad to take time for you and your company.

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