CSOC Enhanced IT Security with the Cyber Security Operations Centre

dhpg’s CSOC for SMEs

The base of digitalisation is a comprehensive IT security strategy. That is why we teamed up with our partner company synalis to develop a service specially tailored to the individual needs and requirements of SMEs, kicking in where firewalls and anti-virus software are no longer effective. The most effective approach against cybercriminals is to join forces as an organised interest group in pursuit of the common goal of warding off hackers, leveraging the opportunity to exchange information and the benefits of protective measures.

The more companies that organise themselves in dhpg’s CSOC the better

The concept of CSOC is based on the idea of community. The more members organise themselves in the Cyber Security Operations Centre, the more malware the experts can register, rate and deliver to the community. We are here support you and all the members of the CSOC community in the following specific areas of professional IT and cyber security:

Active monitoring of your IT infrastructure

  • Early detection of cyber attacks
  • Continuous reporting, prompt response to promote damage Limitation
  • Protection against loss of availability

Analysis of cyber attacks

  • Detecting security incidents and damage Containment
  • Repairing damage to the infrastructure
  • Identifying impacts and introducing measures
  • Restoring information security
  • Supporting investigative authorities

Complex systems and pooled information benefit everyone

The Cyber Security Operations Centre community also benefits from the pooling of highly complex systems and IT expertise as well as the ever-expanding knowledge gained from incidents. Information on attacks or other incidents is channelled to the dhpg CSOC, analysed and evaluated so that the reports and the resulting recommendations for action can then be shared in the community.

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