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dhpg is a member of Nexia International, one of the world's leading networks of independent auditing and consulting firms. Together with Nexia International, dhpg helps lay the groundwork for clients in all sizes and from all industries to unleash their full potential. Whether it be auditing the financial statements, legal or advisory support: We think and act internationally. One phone call is all it takes to find the right contact person in all important countries in the world. Our Nexia partners are like us: medium-sized auditing and tax consulting firms with the same proactive entrepreneurial spirit and a focus on very personal advice.

What you can expect from us

With Nexia International we are at your service worldwide

Thanks to Nexia International, we have the right contact for you in almost every country in the world.

Why dhpg?

Because we have a strong and globally active partner at our side in the guise of Nexia International.

Whether you want to second employees abroad, engage in international trade or set up a branch office on another continent: Thanks to Nexia International, we have the right contact person for you in almost every country in the world. Our colleagues cover the entire range of services that you are familiar with from our personal advice. To give you an idea of the scale of our network, here are a few statistics:


125 countries

covering the Nexia International network.


790 offices

are part of it all – a network that is where you are.


35,600 advisers

are committed to you and the success of your company

Your contact persons at dhpg

So you are thinking and planning internationally and would like a personal meeting? We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you – no strings attached –  so that we can get to know each other. We look forward to your call or e-mail and to meeting you.

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How does Nexia International rank compared to other independent networks?

Nexia International, a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms in which dhpg is a member, is the eighth largest global network in its sector according to the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) World Survey 2022.

In 2021, Nexia's revenues were $ 5.1 billion across the network – a 5% increase over 2020. This growth is the result of consistent organic growth across the network.

Nexia actively works with its member firms, leveraging the strengths of the entire network to provide global solutions to its clients. At the core of the network is what ensures Nexia's continued success: international know-how, proven experience and enduring relationships. This is reflected in Nexia's brand promise: "closer to you".

How does Nexia International support its member companies?

Partners of Nexia International are members of an active and lively network whose goal is to offer the best possible advice to clients of member firms worldwide. It is therefore only logical to train advisors of these firms on a regular basis and enable them to exchange information on a systematic basis in accordance with the core value of the network: "globally connected".

In the field of taxation, for example, an international conference is held annually to which the member companies are invited. In addition, so-called Regional Conferences are held, e.g. for the EMEA or LATAM economic areas. Each discipline also meets regularly in its working groups. Conferences are staged for transfer pricing specialists, for example, as well as for experts in the area of Global Mobility Tax Services.

Nexia International is also active outside the fields of auditing, tax advice and legal advice, and it keeps its members up to date: the network offers partner firms and clients active IT support through an expert group, advising on all issues relating to cyber security, for example.

But non-professional continuing training is also possible within the network. For example, in the form of the Managers and Future Leaders Programme, or with various e-learning programmes and online seminars on topics such as presentation techniques or mental health.

Finally, the network promotes constant exchange and offers internships at member companies on a continuous basis in order to better understand working methods and special requirements that laws and regulations of individual countries entail and to promote contact between the partners.

How is dhpg specifically involved in the activities of Nexia International?

dhpg partners and consultants are active members of various Nexia committees, engaging and contributing their expertise in many ways. Prof Dr Andreas Blum is chairman of the International Digital Committee (IDC), for example, whose goal is to improve communication and cooperation within the Nexia network. The expert committee also seeks to improve the capabilities and consistency of digital services, both within the network and in cooperation with clients. In addition, Markus Müller, who is responsible for IT services at dhpg, is a member of the Cyber Security Sub-Committee.

Benno Lange contributes his expertise to the core team "Transfer Pricing". This helps Nexia International maintain a "pool of experts" in which knowledge, experience and trends in the industry are compared and shared between member firms. He also supports the DAC6 group with his expertise in international tax law.

Björn Spilles is a member of the Global Mobility Tax Services (GMTS) Core Team. The aim of the group is to build a global network of specialists who are able to advise Nexia clients, thereby supporting the services offered by Nexia companies worldwide. The experts share their expertise in regular meetings.

For many companies, expansion abroad is part and parcel of their growth plan. This is the focus of the Global Expansion and Financial Outsourcing (GEFO) Core Team, which Dr Matthias Johnen is a member of. In view of the plethora of regulations and tax requirements, this is at times a challenging task. All the more important, then, for the experts in the Nexia network to network and exchange information on a regular basis in order to offer their clients the best possible support worldwide.

Corporate income tax applies to many types of legal entities, including limited liability companies, partnerships and non-profit organisations. Which tax structure is applied depends on the type of corporation itself. The professionals in the team's Corporate Tax Business Group are familiar with the practices of companies and entities in different countries and collaborate to find the best possible solution for Nexia International's clients. Björn Pauli is also a member of the core team. In addition, Marco Scholten regularly participates in group exchanges.

Gereon Gemeinhardt is a member of the Legal Services Group. The team is made up of international legal experts who build expertise among Nexia member companies to ensure that cross-border projects are successful.

The Nexia Indirect Taxes Group, which includes Uwe Inkemann as a member, is a global network of Nexia specialists in indirect taxes who are able to advise Nexia clients in this area, thereby supporting Nexia firms' services worldwide.

Prof. Dr Norbert Neu was Chairman of the Nexia International Board of Directors from 2008 to 2016.


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