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IT auditing is a compliance issue

Compliance has an increasingly important role to play forsmall and medium enterprises . Being compliant is a major reputational issue today and signals to clients, customers and suppliers that they can enjoy a high degree of trust and security with your company. Given that this is a rather varied and complex issue, there are many different approaches, such as GoBD*, IDW auditing standards and risk management to name but a few. At the same time, digitalisation and IT security are looming ever larger. In recent years, IT auditing has developed into an important feature of internal auditing and offers differentiated solutions for the interdisciplinary requirements of your compliance culture.

dhpg combines statutory audits with IT security

Our associates are IT auditors and Certified Information Systems Auditors. Auditing processes, IT programmes and data analyses have been part of our core business for many years now. In tandem with you, we design an auditing process and liaise closely with you to develop practical recommendations for action. 

Get in touch if you are planning one of the following measures:

Audit of

  • current standards such as GoBD*, EU-GDPR, IDW Standards or ISO27001
  • business processes (internal control systems, archiving systems, etc.)
  • IT infrastructure
    • Auditing the IT infrastructure in place (network, hardware, software, data backup, crisis management concept)
    • Auditing the effectiveness of the security measures implemented (cyber security tests, Cyber Security Operations Centre)
  • IT applications (forensic analyses, authorisation checks, migration projects)
  • project management, concept verification, risk management review


Trust in dhpg’s interdisciplinary experts

In addition to IT audits, our experts also look outwards. Have you ever thought about your IT and cyber security? At what points does it link into data protection? We outline recommendations for action in related specialist areas for you too as food for thought, to guide you and your company to the utmost security and professionalism.

* principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as data access


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