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No annual financial statement is like any other one

Annual financial statements offer stakeholders reliable information on the financial standing of a company on the basis of proper bookkeeping and accounting. Take advantage of the opportunity to describe developments over the year, discretionary decisions and optional rights in connection with the preparation of the annual financial statements. Our experts will be glad to support you.

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Just get in touch with us to discuss the following issues:

  • Meeting statutory requirements and obligations applying to financial reporting laid down in articles of association
  • Support in the preparation and publication of annual company and group financial statements
  • Establishment of reporting systems, coordination of group reporting for German parent companies and their group financial statement auditors as well as in reporting to foreign parent companies
  • Preparation of tax and commercial balance sheets, support in tax reporting and in determining the group tax quota, support in accounting of deferred taxes
  • Advice on balance sheet structure in the area of financing, e.g. leasing, factoring and debtors' management as well as hybrid financing instruments
  • Design of balance sheets in transformations, contributions and injections
  • Advice on adherence to key performance indicators and covenants as well as preparation and support in bank meetings and rating advice
  • Advice on avoiding excessive balance-sheet debt; outsourcing of company assets and liabilities
  • Coordination and quality assurance of your international activities in the area of financial reporting or auditing

A continuous process

Companies, products and markets pass through a wide range of stages that are not always simple and easy to cope with. A confidential meeting to discuss the development of your company can help you align your enterprise and stake out your own course. We will be glad to help you with all issues relating to financial reporting. In line with your particular needs.

Auditing/ advice on balance sheet policy

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