Certifications can simplify companies audits

Seals of quality will support your reputation

Certifications are a company's seal of quality. In many cases certifications helps your customers select a provider. You can leverage certifications to boost the quality of your services and at the same time improve your market position. Certifications can also help to make sure that the year-end audit goes quickly and smoothly. Just contact the IT advisors at dhpg. Not only will we review what certifications would help your company - we will also perform them for you ourselves.

Which certifications are right for you?

On certifications, our IT advisors are guided by the rules laid down by the Institute of Auditors in Germany (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V. - IDW) – in particular IDW PS 880, ISAE 3402 and PS 951, but also ISO 27001. Here is an overview of our services:

  • Advice on which certificates to go for
  • Proper, reliable execution of certification
  • Modelling and documentation of business processes
  • Communication to internal and external partners

Certifying business processes, reducing the expense of year-end audits

Do you perform business processes for a large number of enterprises, e.g. as a service provider for computer centres or for IT services? Would you like to keep expenses from the year-end Audit to a minimum? Then have your company certified by dhpg's specialists on the effectiveness of your internal control system in accordance with IDW PS 951. You can show the audit certification to your customers, which can then use it for their own year-end audit.

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