Making value-added tax simple

Comply with German and European law

Value-added tax has a major impact on your enterprise. Scarcely any other tax area is as complex and at the same time subject to such frequent changes as value-added taxation. The reasons for this are manifold and wide-ranging: business transactions take place on a daily basis, accounting has to meet strict requirements and European directives and German laws have a tangible impact on everyday company operations. Good reasons to rely on dhpg's tax experts. We keep an eye on developments related to value-added tax for you and provide you optimum advice.

Value-added tax in the entire supply and service chain

Get in touch with us regarding all national and international value-added tax issues. We support you:

  • In the initial registration and preparation of preliminary value-added tax registration and declarations (including summary notifications and Intrastat)
  • In input tax reimbursement procedures and if need be legal counsel
  • In analysing and optimising transnational supply and service chains (chain transactions, triangular transactions)
  • In optimising input tax deductions for your enterprise
  • Designing contractual agreements so they rule out value-added tax risks
  • In special value-added tax audits and value-added tax checks

Digitalisation and value-added tax

Legislation may be fairly clear for the delivery of goods and “traditional” services. Not so for the taxation of the digital economy, where many questions remain unanswered. Here so far a coherent taxation concept is lacking. This issue is at the top of the international political agenda. For all companies this means that IT-supported business processes in the company have to be assigned the right VAT in compliance with the statutory German Accounting Principles (GoBD). dhpg boasts a team of tax and IT specialists to ensure just that.


Tax advice/ value-added tax advice

Consulting with personal touch

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