Tax disputes and legal remedies: defending your interests with the fiscal authorities

A team of tax and legal experts

We are a partner you can count on - especially when it comes to defending your interests with the fiscal authorities. Our tax and legal experts are on hand to support you in challenging tax notices or during external tax audits. When the going gets tough, we're at your side.

We champion your interests and objectives

Our advisors' top priority is to avoid a legal dispute. Levarage the knowledge and skills of our experts and seek their advice for:

  • preparation and support of external tax audits
  • representation in dealings with the fiscal authorities and the financial/administrative courts
  • conducting objection procedures
  • obtaining binding information from the fiscal authorities
  • support in procedures to avoid or eliminate international double taxation

Fast and confidential help

Tax law is complex and in a constant state of flux. It is not always easy to keep abreast of developments. Companies may face criminal penalties for violations unexpectedly at any time. dhpg maintains a team of tax and legal experts to support you in avoiding criminal law and tax risks. If criminal charges are filed, you can rely on our rapid, confidential aid.

Tax advice/ tax disputes and legal remedies

Consulting with personal touch

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