Tax compliance Optimise your taxes. Minimise your risks.

What does tax compliance mean?

Being tax compliant basically means complying with the tax laws in force in full and on time. The tax authorities require companies to create functioning structures and processes to ensure they properly comply with tax laws. This might sound rather complicated at first but it’s not rocket science once you take a closer look. A Tax Compliance Management System, or Tax CMS for short, is what is known as an ICS - an internal control system for monitoring individual or all tax components at a business. A Tax CMS helps you keep track of all the relevant tax types, optimise your tax planning and lower your tax bill. What’s more, you can always rest assured that you comply with all the requirements of the German General Fiscal Code (AO) and individual tax laws and that you are confidently prepared for audits like a wage tax audit or a tax audit.

Optimise your taxes - with a Tax Compliance Management System

There are many use cases for a Tax CMS - the aim usually being to avoid paying back-taxes as a result of tax audits or tax penalty and fines investigations. You always have the choice of whether to opt to use the Internal Control System for one tax type, for example, sales tax, or whether you want to conveniently monitor and manage all the taxes incurred at your SME. As digitalisation advances, more and more documents such as invoices are now available digitally, and so can easily be recorded by a Tax CMS. A Tax CMS can support you in the following tax cases:

External audit

    • Guidelines for tax audits and wage tax audits
    • Tracking auditor enquiries and the status of the audit
    • Avoiding back payments
    • Risk management
    • Quick GoBD* Check
      *German principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as data access
  • Wage tax
    • Correct posting of company events
    • Correct posting of employee hospitality and catering expenses
    • Correct taxation of company cars
    • Recognition of the driver logbook by the tax office
  • Sales tax
    • Checking that incoming invoices meet the legal requirements
    • Review of sales tax configuration in SAP or other ERP systems
    • Correct application of the reverse charge procedure
    • Development of a sales tax tool
  • Transfer prices
    • Preparation of transfer price documentation
    • Country-by-country reporting
    • Help in demarcating the profits of permanent establishments
  • Mass data processing
    • Support with error configuration in SAP
    • Audit of ERP systems
    • Internal control system for ERP systems


The upsides: Optimise your SME and your reputation

Fundamentally, compliance is an issue that impacts a company’s reputation and this is why the owners or partners of a company are called upon in particular here. The same applies to tax compliance. Implementing a Tax CMS provides several benefits in this context: It supports you in tax planning and can help you to lower your tax bill. At the same time, you always have the confidence that you comply with tax regulations and your legal obligations. Last but not least, you are ready for any tax audits and do not have to fear a tax investigation.

Want to rest assured that you are tax compliant or any questions relating to tax compliance? Then drop us a line. Our experts are on hand to advise you individually and comprehensively. From one SME to another.



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