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When staff are assigned abroad, a host of tax, labor and social security issues arise. An employment agreement has to be amended, it needs to be determined in what country the staff member's income is to be taxed, and last but not least these staff members have to be adequately covered by social security. With dhpg you have a partner on your side that is experienced in all these issues and is able to supply you with solutions from one set of hands. As member of Nexia, we are represented in 120 countries and well equipped to deal with any and all questions you may have. A big advantage for you and your staff.

Global mobility services: Expertise in the fields of tax, labor and social security law

We are your expert partner when you assign staff abroad as well as in the event of employing foreign staff in your country. Our spectrum of services comprises counsel and advice on tax, social security and labor law, in particular:

  • Meetings to provide advice to you and your staff members in the home and guest country prior to assignment abroad
  • Design of labor and assignment agreements optimized in terms of tax, social security and labor law
  • Preparation of income tax declarations in the home and guest country as well as tax equalization calculations
  • Counsel and advice when employment is terminated during an ongoing posting
  • Application for staff members and their families to remain covered by the social security systems of their home country
  • Review of special aspects governing US nationals (inter alia tax obligations, FBAR, FATCA, Amnesty Program)

Strong partners worldwide on your side

dhpg is a not only a member of Nexia, but also part of the "CROSS GLOBE" network, which assists companies in providing optimum support in the posting of their staff abroad with regard to legal and financial issues. In addition to the services offered by dhpg, the GLOBAL MOBILITY SERVICES network will also advise you with regard to security issues, insurance policies, visas, intercultural preparation, relocation and schools for children of staff.

Tax advice/ global mobility

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