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Tax aspects as an element of company decision-making

Tax issues play a significant role in company decisions. Once a decision is made, it determines your company's tax situation for the years that follow. Contact us if you would like to analyse and assess the development of your company in advance from a tax and legal perspective. We will serve as your advisors and support you in the implementation of any and all measures required. Our services are tailored both to companies as well as private individuals who are interested in optimizing taxation of their assets.

At all stages: Founding, development all the way to succession

Take advantage of the professional advice offered by dhpg whenever you are contemplating:

  • Deciding on or changing of the legal form of your company
  • Finding and selecting a group structure that is tax-optimized from
  • Performing restructuring and reorganization at your company whilst taking taxation issues into account to support the process
  • Discussing issues relating to company financing with tax optimization
  • Identifying risks and leveraging opportunities in transnational business activities
  • Thinking about company succession
  • Professional preparation and implementation of tax aspects in the acquisition and divestiture of companies or parts of companies (including tax due diligences).

Private assets and taxes

Tax factors are important criteria in private financial planning. dhpg's tax advisors have a comprehensive, sustainable approach. We take your personal interests into account, in particular in financial investments from a tax perspective and marriage and divorce-related advice as well as recommendations on succession planning  and the design of last wills and testaments.


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