Self-administration Continue operation of the business yourself

Objective: A properly functioning restructuring plan

Insolvency proceedings under your own administration offers companies the chance to reorganise under their own management. At the same time, the management is for the most part able to take necessary actions, but is subject to supervision by a trustee appointed by a court. A restructuring advisor supports the management in performing specific insolvency-related tasks. The objective is to prepare a restructuring plan. Our insolvency experts have already successfully supported a large number of self-administration proceedings within the framework of insolvency or insolvency plan proceedings acting as advisors or trustees.

Take advantage of possibilities to perform a comprehensive reorganisation

Together with you, we shall review whether an insolvency proceeding under self-administration is a viable option for your company. We can provide you with the following services:

  • Professional preparation of the self-administration proceeding, preparation of the application for insolvency and coordination of preliminary issues as required with the insolvency court
  • Assign to you a general manager or the restructuring managing director for the entire proceeding
  • Prepare a restructuring concept or insolvency plan in line with the self-administration and support in implementation
  • Produce sustainability certificates in accordance with IDW S9
  • Continuous communication with all stakeholders in line with their needs while keeping reputation aspects in mind
  • Support for the company in the event that possible investors are to be sought, execution of required evaluations
  • Prepare reports to the court and execution of bookkeeping as required under insolvency law

Solutions for every stage of a crisis

dhpg's insolvency specialists are among the most frequently appointed attorneys in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. It is our claim to devise solutions that are geared to preserving enterprises and safeguarding jobs in every stage of a crisis. Debtors' interests constitute an additional focus of our work. A team made up of more than 60 attorneys, business lawyers, tax specialists and certified restructuring advisors work on the basis of the principles of proper insolvency administration.


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