Restructuring When change is urgently necessary

Stand firm in the face of a crisis

Companies are subject to market and product cycles. The managers in charge usually notice early on that things are not going so well. Measures are often only taken when a liquidity crisis is looming or the company is even at the precipice of insolvency. A crisis among the partners may already have a spill-over effect on the company. An inappropriate product policy, declining market shares or sales all the way to payment difficulties are additional indications of stormy waters. If you find yourself in one of these situations, a confidential discussion could be of help. We shall be glad to take the time for you.

From determining the business location to the realignment of the company

Confront a crisis early on and in a proactive manner. Get in touch with a restructuring and reorganisation advisor at dhpg when the issue at hand is:

  • Jointly determining the business location of your company
  • Reviewing the eligibility of your company for restructuring (IDW S6)
  • Developing strategies for the realignment and restructuring of the company tailored to its specific needs
  • Preparing liquidity plans and offering support in meetings with creditors and banks
  • Communicating in a professional manner with all groups of stakeholders and if need by setting up a crisis-management system
  • Steering and guiding M&A processes in the search for investors
  • Providing advice on labour-law and company-law issues
  • Reviewing the grounds for the insolvency application (IDW S11)

A contact partner in spite of many issues and topics

As advisors at a medium-scale enterprise, we speak the same language as you. We offer solutions which work smoothly. In cases involving multiple and multi-disciplinary substance matters we assign additional experts - for example from the fields of labour law and company law, auditing, valuation and taxes. In spite of this, you can be sure that you will always have only one contact person at dhpg, who will coordinate all the different fields and areas for you while keeping processes lean.

Insolvencies, restructuring, reorganisation/ out-of-court restructuring

Consulting with personal touch

Your personal contact
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