Insolvency Rstructuring has priority over winding up

An insolvency does not have to mean the end

dhpg's insolvency specialists are among the most frequently appointed attorneys in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. We consider an insolvency to be an important tool with which to reorganise a company. At every stage of a crisis, it is our claim to develop solutions designed to preserve companies and safeguard jobs. Another focus of our work is on creditors' interests. Profit from a team made up of over 60 attorneys, tax specialists and certified restructuring advisors.

Restructurers, insolvency administrators or trustees

Our many years and tried-and-proven skills in insolvency administration (regular and self-administration proceedings, particularly insolvency plan proceedings and consumer insolvency proceedings) are especially eagerly sought when the following is at stake:

  • Suporting regular insolvency proceeding as insolvency administrator or trustee or insolvency general manager
  • Devising or analysing insolvency and restructuring plans (link) as well as insolvency expertises
  • Professionally coordinating communication with all the stakeholder groups such as, for example, the conduct of negotiations with creditors and banks
  • Analysing the risk of criminal penalties and liability, especially with respect to liability of governing institutions
  • Executing and supporting divestiture processes and company valuations
  • Operative support in the proceeding, for example in the rendering of accounts under insolvency law
  • If need be working in the insolvency administration on a cross-border basis

Our strength: multidisciplinary thinking

A successful new start-up is not possible without an all-embracing analysis of an enterprise and its creditors' interests. In our capacity as an interdisciplinary company offering consulting advice, we are able to tackle restructuring and insolvency-related tasks, but also provide support with regard to labour-law, company-law and tax-law issues. We devise comprehensive, holistic strategies that work smoothly.


Insolvencies, restructuring, reorganisation/ insolvency administration

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