Defending claims from contestation of insolvencies

Contestation cases are on the rise

Under current insolvency law, insolvency administrators are able to demand the return of payments effected by a company up to ten years prior to an insolvency applied for by a debtor. This is an issue that has steadily been gaining in importance over the last few years. Under certain circumstances, creditors are assumed to have knowledge of the threat of insolvency of a company. This may already be the case if you have previously granted an instalment payment to an insolvent enterprise.

Successfully defend against contestations

Illegitimate claims can be successfully warded off. Entrust things with dhpg's experienced attorneys, who also work as insolvency administrators on a regular basis. That is way we are familiar with "both sides of the table" and support you in:

  • designing collateral agreements and payment transactions so that they will hold up in the face of contestations and challenges
  • optimising the debtors' management system to avoid insolvency contestations
  • defending against contestation claims by insolvency administrators, and
  • will advise you on your chances in the event of litigation and
  • act as your counsel in complaint procedures and civil actions

We train you

Are you frequently involved with claims from insolvency contestations? Would you like to obtain an overview of this topic or train your staff? Just get in touch with us. Our experts will show you how precautions can be taken against contestations or these can be defended against in a targeted manner.

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