Defence in criminal proceedings in insolvency

Defence in criminal-law and civil-law proceedings

If a company slides into a crisis and insolvency is impending, the management always faces a special situation. The question as to when the crisis comes about, at what point in time a management takes action and whether certain steps could have been avoided play a major role in criminal-law and civil-law proceedings. What is needed is a partner who can address issues in the fields of company law, tax law, liability law and insolvency-related aspects from one set of hands.

Liability of the governing institutions in ongoing business, crises and insolvency

As a multi-disciplinary company offering advice, we provide you comprehensive, forward-looking counsel. Our many years of experience in restructuring and insolvency make as a competent partner when accusations of torts are threatened in connection with:

  • bankruptcy
  • violation of bookkeeping obligations
  • creditor and debtor beneficiaries
  • delay in filing for insolvency
  • tax evasion
  • fraud and breach of trust
  • holding back and misappropriating wages and salaries


Insolvencies, restructuring, reorganisation/ defence in criminal proceedings

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