Individual and collective labour law: shaping and designing working relationships

Comprehensive advice for business owners and human resource managers

We are on hand if you have any questions involving individual and collective labour law. We will show you how to deal effectively with all the typical issues that crop up in labour law - both during ongoing employment and when employment is terminated. In the event of conflicts, we will defend and assert your interests in the labour and social courts. We are your counsel and advisors on all typical issues relating to labour law.

From employment agreements to posting employees abroad all the way to terminating employment:

Our experts are on hand to advise you - either on a project or ongoing basis - on all labour law matters if you want to:

  • conclude or annul employment agreements with (free-lance) staff or service agreements for managing directors and members of the board of management
  • issue a warning to staff members, give notice to terminate employment or service agreements or are planning to shed staff
  • post employees abroad
  • carry out proceedings to establish whether self-employed staff, advisors and managing directors are exempt from social security payments
  • asign outside personnel whilst avoiding pseudo-self-employment or the concealed transfer of agency staff
  • conduct negotiations with the works council and trade unions or if you desire support before conciliation boards and in court proceedings
  • have very individual advice needs on remuneration and working hours models, illness, holiday, data protection or labour law in general

Our strengths: multi-disciplinary advice

Our objective is to provide the best advice possible in the field of labour law on all issues relating to human resources. Both in normal everyday work as well as for company divestitures, restructurings, insolvencies and reorganisations. Whenever the matter entails issues from different fields of law, we involve additional experts to assist our clients as needed. We offer solutions that function smoothly.

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