Commercial and distribution law: special aspects faced by traders

First port of call for traders

As a special field of private law, commercial law lays down the rights and obligations of those engaging in commerce in the broadest sense of the term. As an entrepreneur involved in commerce within Germany or on a cross-border scale, you profit from the many years' experience of our attorneys, be it in traditional or online commerce. We are represented in more than 120 countries with our network partner, Nexia - allowing us to advise and support you globally.

Traditional or online commerce: contract systems for customers, commercial agents, authorised dealers

Commercial and distribution law encompasses many legal issues. Here is a selection of topics that we are ready to attend to for you:

  • designing purchase, service and supplier agreements
  • legal issues in connection with UN purchasing law (CISG)
  • reviewing and designing general terms and conditions
  • questions relating to online commerce (in particular including value-added tax issues)
  • preparing contractual agreements for commercial agents, authorised dealers or franchise systems
  • advice on commercial power of attorney (Prokura) and authorisation to act for the company (Handlungsvollmacht)
  • support in the event of legal disputes with parties to an agreement
  • trade mark, copyright and competition protection

Full service for franchise agreements

We can advise you on all the issues if you are planning to conclude a franchise agreement as franchisor or franchisee. If need be, we involve our legal experts from adjoining fields such as labour and tax law as well as trademark, copyright or competition law.

Legal counsel and advice/ commercial and distribution law

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