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IT security is not just about preventing external attacks by hackers. In fact it is really about managing the day-to-day risks faced by an organisation. Carelessness with the Internet or smartphones, a flawed authorisation concept or failure to adhere to data-protection rules - all have horrific consequences. Put IT security on the internal agenda and devise binding requirements for IT risk management and prevention together with our IT advisors.

Our service: Tailored advice, security concepts and training

Simple measures often suffice to improve IT security, data protection and digital processes. We will be glad to prepare a comprehensive strategy for your enterprise. Here are the services we can provide you:

  • Tailored advice, security strategies and their implementation
    • Executing security tests (e.g. regular and IT audits), network penetration tests and cyber security checks
    • Developing and implementing concepts for IT security cpncepts in accordance with DIN ISO / IEC 27001 and basic IT protection ´(Federal Office for  Information Technology Security (BSI))
    • Process-related and technical advice to ensure the security of critical information
    • Preparing data-protection concepts and providing implementation support
  • Certifications and training
    • Certification of management systems for information security (ISMS) in accordance with DIN ISO / IEC 27001 
    • Training your staff in order to enhance sensitivity of your staff to IT security
  • IT governance/compliance
    • Compliance review to determine whether laws and your own in-house rules have been abided by
    • Establishing binding rules for IT risk management

Penetration tests: identify vulnerabilities

Almost every business process depends on IT systems. So if you would like to know the status of IT security at your Company or are seeking clarity so that you can close any potential security gaps, let us examine your IT infrastructure in a penetration test. Our IT experts will simulate a potential attack and if vulnerabilities are identified provide you recommendations on effecitve courses of action. Just get in touch with us.

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