Digital does it Leveraging the opportunities of digitalisation in your accounting

Take your financial accounting into the digitalised future today

Cloud computing, mobile end devices and large bandwidths offer new opportunities and possibilities for organising your accounting. It’s all a matter of leveraging the advantages of a digitalised accounting system, be it by relieving you of routine activities or optimising processes or thanks to electronic data exchange. Every entrepreneur and manager now has the chance to steer their business in a future-oriented and state-of-the-art way with the help of accounting datasets that are always up-to-date and available anywhere.

We have the right solution - for every business

We are your partner when it comes to your digital accounting processes. In tandem with our tax consultants and IT experts specialised in digital processes, but also with external partners like DATEV, Scopevisio or Audicon, we find the best solution for your business and your IT environment. To ensure your digital data is processed in keeping with the times using state-of-the-art financial accounting software, we are on hand to advise and support you in the following specific areas:


  • Analysing and optimising existing financial processes at your company
  • Introducing electronic invoicing and processing, for instance in ZUGFeRD format
  • Creating GoBD*-compliant procedural documentation
  • Digitising paper documents and electronic data flow (for instance using DATEV connect online and DATEV Unternehmen online)
  • Delivering the analyses via digital information and communication systems (for instance dhpg cloud)
  • Meeting the requirements of modern cash register systems at your company
  • Training and coaching your accounting staff

* principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as data access

Undeniable benefits

Digitalising your accounting practices increases productivity, decreases costs and shortens response times. Alongside electronic invoicing, you can also optimise your administrative workload - making travelling files and the transfer of paper receipts a thing of the past. Digitalisation makes it possible to process all accounting tasks in one system. Up-to-date metrics enable you to keep track of your business’ economic performance at all times and to respond promptly and appropriately to changes.



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